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An Asian restaurant serving rice and noodles in Minneapolis, MN.


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God Bless America


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1st off ive read the last review and called China moon becouse I was worried by the last Review and they Told me they have a Freshness Guraranteed Policy when having food deliverd , SO anything I orderd will be to my liking or money back.. oOrderd the Cheese cake. I was suprised it was Muddy paws Cheese cake they sent me. That is like the best , Look it up on yelp . I love the kung pow chicken there , If you order that ask them to cook it more and it makes it cruchy . Chicken wings the Bomb ! Try it Money back if you dont like it so this is why I found it not to be a risk .


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Really good food. I love Chinese food, but most places make my stomach hurt. However, after eating China moon my stomach felt great. Everything tasted fresh and just really good. Definitely going to be my go-to place. I ordered the veggie lo mein, the pork dumplings, the dumpling soup, and cream cheese wantons. The portions were pretty decently sized. What i ordered lasted me 3.5 meals.


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The delivery charge is not the tip. That goes to the restaurant. You will have to tip the driver. Yes it sucks ti get charged for delivery and then have to tip. But thats the cost of delivery in a city where overhead and ops costs are higher. This restaurant is way better than Pings, or Asian Taste. Those other restaurants have dry food.


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Typical Americanized Chinese dishes and meats(fried rice/lo-main/sesame or orange chicken/soups/etc), but of the few restaurants in that area that I've tried, that offer the same things, this is my go to place. Never been disappointed.

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We definitely found our new go to for Chinese food!


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Food was fresh and hot. Excellent dumplings.


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Love the food!!

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